Worrying Taking a Toll on your Mental Health?

Worrying, overthinking or overanalyzing lately?? You’re not alone!! The good news, there are various simple habits to help decrease excessive worry and with it allow more control over your thoughts! Here are a few:

Stop trying to read someone’s mind. Usually when we guess what someones thinking, we are off! Instead try to communicate what you are thinking. It’s good practice and with it you will gain a deeper relationship by asking for what you want and having those open conversations.

Remind yourself that people generally don’t think of us as much as we think of us…sorry but its true. Just like you people have a lot going on and have their own thoughts. As much as we analyze what we said, how we said it, or a choice we made, chances are they are not overthinking a choice you made or an interaction you had with them. So don’t waste your time overthinking it!

Acknowledge your worry and LET IT GO! Easier said then done, I know. But if you consciously acknowledge your worries by writing them down or telling someone you trust to hear you out (and not try to solve anything for you), you can free yourself from your worry.

Learning to stop or reduce your worrying does not come easy, and these are only a few of various healthy habits to practice. Like most new habits it takes consistent practice and patience with yourself. Don’t forget to also practice kindness…to you! Positive self-talk goes a long way and can also help with decreasing your worries.