First read of 2022 and I’m loving it!

I am so excited to share this book by Paula Durlofsky, PhD! It’s no new news that social media is here to stay, but we need more conversations on how our mental health is affected by social media and what we can do about it. This book does just that! Durlofsky offers a realistic approach to the pros and cons of social media and how to find balance while still maintaining healthy relationships and a positive self-esteem. I enjoyed the tips and strategies offered in each chapter and the section on parenting!

Gratitude & Positivity During the Holidays

Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season. One that no doubt looks and feels a little (or a lot) different from years past. Just a little reminder of the benefit of gratitude and positivity for good mental health! We have all been through so very much in 2020, some more than others but nonetheless a lot of change. Change is scary and something most people are naturally a little resistant to embrace. I think after this year we may all be a little better at dealing with and accepting change! Thinking about what we are grateful for, or changing a negative thought into a positive, helps with all of the transitions we are experiencing. So take a moment, write down what you’re grateful for in a journal and share some positivity with a friend or family member. I hope these quick activities help bring you and your family some peace and joy at the closing of 2020.

Athletes & Mental Toughness

I had the privilege the work with a team of female teen athletes over the weekend…The focus, mental toughness!! Having mental strength is as important as physical strength for an athlete. Just like training our muscles, we need to train our minds to think positive, to build resiliency, take risks, use visualization and support our fellow teammates. This needs to be an ongoing conversation and like any other skill, mental toughness has to be continually practiced until it becomes part of our routine and more natural way of thinking.

Getting Outside for Mental Health!

New Melones Lake

Over the weekend we took a day trip to New Melones Lake, located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills just outside of the cute little town of Angels Camp. The restrictions due to Covid-19 have fostered more road trips, local getaways and for us going to different lakes every chance we get, while staying within our social bubble. It’s no secret that getting outside, being in nature and adding some exercising has numerous benefits for our mental health. When I engage in these activities I find myself in a better mood, more patient with my children, I sleep better and honestly I just have a better outlook and perspective on small and big things in my life. So get outside….Doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t have to be for a long time, and you don’t have to overthink it!

Cards Against Anxiety

Picked these up on my recent trip to London. Excited to incorporate these into my practice! This pack includes 25 cards that use CBT techniques to work through unwanted feelings surrounded anxiety and unwanted feelings. Given the circumstances we are all experiencing in today’s society we may all benefit from these cards!

Middle School Girls Workshop a Success!

A great morning working with middle school girls!

This past Saturday my colleague, Mary Kennard, and I spent the morning working with a lovely group of middle school aged girls. This is a wonderful age of self-exploration and independence. With that, there are still so many challenges that girls (and boys) begin to face. Some of the topics we addressed this weekend included body image, self-confidence, social pressures, and what brings us genuine happiness! We discussed gratitude, positive self-talk and also created action vision boards. Overall a great day! A big thank you to Athena Rising for providing such a wonderful space to facilitate our workshop!