Recipe for the Mom-Athlete

Recipe for the Mom-Athlete
​​​​​​​Proven Methods for Success in Training for a Competition

– Are you struggling to juggle motherhood and sport?

– Are you looking for easy ways to balance an active lifestyle and family?  

– Do you find it hard to find the time and resources to stay active? 

If you answered yes to any of these, Recipe for the Mom-Athlete is your way to proven success. 

Recipe for the Mom-Athlete is a book for mothers whom sport is a way of life and are looking for practical and easy ways to succeed at all athletic pursuits. 

Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be an athlete. In Recipe for the Mom-Athlete, IPL Pro Jamie Schellenberg provides loads of tips on how to be both. She covers topics ranging from types of workouts to eating healthy with kids, from motivating yourself to workout to staying fit when on vacation. All are based on personal experience and are entirely natural. Whether training or competing, you can get the results you’re seeking with Recipe for the Mom-Athlete.

Mom-athlete JAMIE SCHELLENBERG is a winning IPL Pro and a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist. The mother of three, every day she faces the challenge of balancing family with being an athlete.