Life Coaching

As a Transition Life coach, together we will look at the present and future, and focus on this process which looks different for every-one. I focus on life transitions for women – from a mother’s transition through stages of parenthood, women entering back into or out of the workforce, lifestyle transition with exercising or eating as well as transitions with intimate relationships.

Life coaching is about accountability and taking action. We will prioritize your goals, increase self-awareness and confidence. To do this we look at what is holding you back and how can we shift your mindset to bridge the gap from where you are and where you would like to be.

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages are offered at the following price points. While individual sessions are accepted, packages are offered at a discount and will include a digital copy of Recipe for the Mom-Athlete and a strength finder assessment. Packages must be paid for up-front and used within the allotted time.

  • 3 Sessions – $350 – will expire at 3 months
  • 6 Sessions – $710 – will expire at 6 months
  • 9 Sessions – $1050 – will expire at 9 months
  • Individual Sessions – please contact me.

Workshops for Teen Sports Teams

Jamie offers various one hour workshops for teen athletes and parents focusing on the the idea of mental toughness! Middle and high school aged children are faced with countless challenges, including that of competitive sports. This is a perfect age to start the conversation on incorporating positive mental health into their athletics and daily life! Please contact Jamie for pricing and further details.