Setting Intentions in 2020

This year I have been thinking a lot about setting intentions rather then resolutions! Resolutions tend to lose their luster by the end of January and people generally feel as though they cannot keep them. There are a lot of “shoulds” with resolutions, which feel less personal and more like habits we should break, or things we should do more of….this just does not feel meaningful. For me intentions are more about the journey. They are personal and stem from how someone may want to better their life. Through our journey comes growth and genuine change! So set your intentions, write them down, visualize them, and enjoy your journey down 2020!!

Viewing of Angst

Last night I took my family to see the film Angst! A local mental health agency offered a free viewing at various theaters throughout the community, and extra credit for local middle schoolers who showed proof of attending. The film was about an hour long, consisting of a series of interviews of children, teens and adults who have struggled with or are currently struggling with anxiety. Overall it was a good experience! There was a nice combination of personal statements combined with the education piece, which was helpful to make the connection of how anxiety plays a role in your mind and throughout your body. I would recommend this film for parents to attend with their children. Great conversation starter for families too!!

Middle School Girls Workshop a Success!

A great morning working with middle school girls!

This past Saturday my colleague, Mary Kennard, and I spent the morning working with a lovely group of middle school aged girls. This is a wonderful age of self-exploration and independence. With that, there are still so many challenges that girls (and boys) begin to face. Some of the topics we addressed this weekend included body image, self-confidence, social pressures, and what brings us genuine happiness! We discussed gratitude, positive self-talk and also created action vision boards. Overall a great day! A big thank you to Athena Rising for providing such a wonderful space to facilitate our workshop!

Early Rising!

South Lake Tahoe Sunrise

There is something so special about the early morning and starting the day with the sunrise! Sets the tone for a good day, whether you are outside exercising, journaling or just sipping a cup of coffee. I find that when I wake up early and engage in self-care of some sort I make healthier choices throughout the rest of the day and am overall in a better state of mind.