Couples That Work; How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love & Work

Thought I would share this book I am reading, thanks to a friend who thought I would enjoy it both personally and professionally, and boy was she right! Most couples I work with and know in my personal life are doing their best to manage dual careers. In her recent book, Couples That Work, Jennifer Petriglieri spent five years researching and interviewing over 100 dual-working couples from all walks of life in over 30 countries. The author explores three life transitions that couples are typically challenged with throughout their career paths. In learning more about these challenges, there is also guidance on maintaining health relationships, personal growth and how to best support your partner. This piece stood out the most for me, as I often see couples struggle with effective communication.  I also enjoyed how at the end of each chapter Jennifer summarized the key dynamics of each transition and certain tools and exercises. This book resonated with me in various ways and I highly recommend!

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